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How can energy consumption of a large panel of customers be measured in real time in order to inform decision-making on energy performance and streamline electricity billing?

In many cases, facilities managers are in charge of reading and billing electricity meters. However, on large-scale facilities with a lot of customers and turnover in occupants, retroactive hand reading and billing can result in a lack of visibility on actual energy consumption and how it is evolving over time.


Against that backdrop, the goal of this challenge is to find a way to improve transparency and monitor precisely the energy consumption of a large number of customers, in order to be able to bill customers adequately and automatically and inform decision-making on energy performance. This would also result in a lot of time saved for facilities managers.


The proposed approach is to develop a real time monitoring and automated invoicing solution, to build transparency and empower facility managers on their energy consumption.


  • Experimentation field

  • Data sets

  • Business opportunities

  • Results

The experimentation field


An office building in the CasaNearShore business park

The data sets


The data sets provided by the partners in order to pursue the experimentation are:

– the detailed electricity bills of the facility buildings at the CasaNearShore Business park
– the technical data of the electrical infrastructures on site.

The challenge is to collect the data necessary for the processing of the real time monitoring of energy flows through the installation of smart sensors on the experimentation field.

The business opportunities for the corporate partners


The business hub “CasaNearShore” mobilizes its facilities managers 8 business days per month to take care of the renewal and recharge energy. In addition they have no visibility on the energy losses that are imputed to them by lack of understanding of their consumption and its follow-up. This shortfall represents a significant part of their operating budgets, which they wish to optimize.


The business opportunity for the startup


The business model of industrial and commercial hubs is the rental of spaces. The facilities managers are busy re-invoicing energy expenditure manually. In the case of Casa Near Shore, this represents a lack of productivity of 8 business days per months. Facilities managers also have no real-time energy monitoring solution that helps them in their decision-making processes.
Developing a solution to cover this shortfall is where the selected startup may wish to position itself.

The expected results


A solution for managing and reducing energy consumption via the installation of connected objects to measure real-time energy consumption of electricity and lighting devices. Expected Deliverables:


1. Automated and streamlined process of electricity collection and billing.

2. Detailed comparative analysis of buildings 13 and 14 as well as the common parking lot.

3. Recommendations for improving the electrical energy performance for buildings 13 and 14.

Partner's Experts

Houssam El Alami

MedZ Sourcing