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How can the energy consumption of buildings be measured and optimized?

Large companies managing maintenance centers are heavy energy consumers. The energy bill rises to several million DHS per year and could be easily reduced. A challenge for large companies managing infrastructure centers such as RATP Dev (managing the CasaTramway maintenance center) is to empower the maintenance operators on their energy use in order to build understanding and knowledge on the main points of consumption.


An approach is to use the data extracted from a historical set of energy bills in order to identify the points of consumption and break it down to build a personalized consumption profile of buildings, including recommandations for operators on how to reduce the overall energy use.


The solution may quantify to potential savings in term of energy, CO2 emission reduction, and financial savings.
The solution, based on a sustainable business model for the start-up, may be replicated and scaled to other buildings.


  • Experimentation field

  • Data sets

  • Business opportunities

  • Expected results

The experimentation field


The experimentation field used in this experiment in the maintenance center of CasaTramway, a building provided by RATP Dev

The data sets


The data sets provided for the experimentation are:
– the detailed electricity bills of the building
– the technical data of the electrical infrastructures on site.

The business opportunity for the partners


RatpDev owns a maintenance center spread across 7ha whose energy bill amounts to several million DHS per year. RATP wishes to optimize and reduce the operating costs of the maintenance center before roll-out on the whole network. RatpDev wants to be competitive by offering innovative and cost-effective delegated management solutions for the cities in which they operate.


The business opportunity for the startup


The start-up tackling the challenge may see its solutions implemented in the large network of maintenance center owned by RATP Dev. Moreover, a commercial offer in partnership with RATP Dev may be implemented and offered to other operators facing the same issues. (i.e. large infrastrucutre providers willing to monitor, reduce and optimize their energy consumption)

The expected results


An energy efficiency solution based on real-time monitoring and maintenance of the energy consumption infrastructure.


The deliverable may consist of an application, visual interface, or SaaS, backing up the new consumption profile according to the recommendations and determining the financial savings while quantifying the solutions that can be provided for a reliable and lasting result.