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Enhance public transportation service by reducing the road accident rate

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How can the road accident rate in public transportation be reduced?

The road accident rate within the CasaTramWay has been a major issue since the implementation of the line. The traditional attempts to reduce the accident rate has shown very few results, therefore pushing the DataCity partners to look for another approach, based on the data coming from the camera installed on the frontal part of the train.


The challenge is to correlate pieces of information emitted by the face and posture of the driver with information about his/her driving experience and draw conclusions about his/her well-being (psychological, health). Moreover, the camera installed at the front of the track monitors the entire field of vision and detects abnormal activity near the track.


A possible approach to the challenge is to cross the analytical data transcribing the driver’s experience with image recognition from the camera monitoring the track to build a predictive algorithm preventing potential crashes and accidents.



  • Experimentation field

  • Data sets

  • Business opportunities

  • Expected results

RATP Dev is operating Casa Tramway, under the authority of Casa Transports.

The experimentation field for the challenge consists of the tramway line going through Casablanca.

The data related to the experimentation field come from the camera installed in front of the train and inside the cabine.

The challenge is to collect the data necessary for the processing of accidentology through cameras and movement recognition algorithms.

RatpDev has an unexplained rate of accidentology that it wishes to reduce, especially as this is public transportation, and tram accidents are quickly picked up by the press and broadcast on social networks, which adversely affects their image. They want to develop a driver assistance solution that reduces the human factor by assisting drivers to detect obstacles that interfere with the tram path before impact and thereby reduce the accident rate.


The selected startup may wish to make available its expertise to develop a driver assistance solution for professional transporters that they wish to subsequently market to any company operating in the sector.

Expected result:


Functional hardware prototype. Operating guidelines. Preventive maintenance.