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How can available parking spots be detected?

The city of Casablanca is facing heavy issues with car parking management, mainly due to the rapid expansion of the car ownership rate in the metropolis area. Parking management has never been efficient and outsourcing of services to foreign companies does not seem to be the right solution.


In this context, Michelin, in partnership with the municipality of Casablanca has decided to take a different approach by designing a challenge focused on car parking management.


The issue lies in the difficulty of allocating available parking spaces in the streets of Casablanca.



  • Experimentation field

  • Data sets

  • Business opportunities

  • Expected results

The experimentation field used to validate the approach is the parking lot of the Technopark Casablanca

The challenge is to collect the data necessary for the identification of available parking spots through cameras and movement recognition algorithms.

Michelin wishes to detect business opportunities in Morocco in collaboration with local start-ups. Michelin carries out several experiments globally, around the issues of car parking, in its drive to position itself as a mobility service provider.


The start-up that tackles the challenge wishes to facilitate the search for car parking stations which represents a real concern in major cities such as Casablanca and to remedy informal parking spaces or those which are managed informally. This is a shortfall of MAD 55 million per year for this segment alone in the city of Casablanca.

Expected results


– Collaborative management solution for car parking
– The impact may be measured in the average time saved for a road user to find a parking sport
– Functional service within the field of experimentation