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Hello to Barcelona, Singapore & Bangalore!

We are proud to welcome aboard 3 new cities in the program: Barcelona, Singapore and Bangalore, as well as 3 new technical partners: Carto, Dataiku & OpenDataSoft.

Towards a global smart city open innovation network

“Cities are the biggest cause of climate change, its biggest victims and its best hopes for solutions.” (Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, CEO of NUMA)

The urgency of the situation means city leaders around the world must use every tool available to make a difference before it is too late. Data is one of them. Collaboration is another: it means bringing together the public and private sector, the big players and the startups. It also means creating a worldwide network of cities who recognize the urgency of the challenge we face. DataCity by NUMA, in partnership with the C40, now aims at greater impact by developing solutions that can be replicated or adapted in other cities.

With the program expansion to 3 new cities, we are proud to play a greater role in the co-development of concrete tech solutions for a more sustainable and livable future.


DataCity Barcelona

The program will be operated by NUMA Barcelona, with the support of Barcelona City Council.

“ DataCity must enhance Barcelona’s vision of data as a common good. Data can be seen as a city common infrastructure, an enabler by social and economic actors, from where to solve City challenges » – Francesca Bria – Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer, Barcelona City Council


DataCity Bengalore

The program will be operated by NUMA Bengalore, with the support of the government of Karnataka (Ministry of Information and Technology)

« A smart city ideally should look to be citizen friendly and help the city to grow in a sustainable manner. […] The meaning of smart cities is not fulfilled unless there is greener or eco friendly ways of doing things.” – Priyank Kharge – Minister for IT/BT and Tourism, Government of Karnataka


DataCity Singapore

The program will be operated through a partnership with Impact Hub Singapore with the support of Singapore IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) and GovTech (Government Technology Agency)

“Data is essential to our aim of developing a vibrant digital economy and a Smart Nation. […] We encourage collaboration and data sharing amongst public and private sector players to enable more impactful solutions.” – Mr Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive, IMDA, Singapore.


New technical partners

« Data needs to be the inspiration and driving force behind all urban development programs. For too long cities implemented large scale projects without having a true understanding of the underlying social, economic, political and environmental factors which define communities. DataCity not only puts data at the center, the program advocates for Open Data, which is near and dear to CARTO and our Community. » – Tyler Bird, Community Team Lead, Carto


« OpenDataSoft makes data sharing easy for all stakeholders of a smart city. After several successful experimentations in France, we are convinced OpenDataSoft has a role to play as a key enabler of tomorrow’s smart cities. Through this partnership with DataCity and NUMA we want to expand our role and our impact internationally.» – Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO, OpenDataSoft


“Data City is in line with our strategic vision: facilitate the transition towards smarter cities through the emergence of a data-centric ecosystem. DataCity improves the efficiency of a collaborative approach through closer relations between startups and corporations. The program will also help us promote our innovations and represent a great opportunity to meet new actors, in both smart city and tech industries.” – Yannis Ghazouani, data scientist, Dataiku


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