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DataCity Story #3: Jean-louis Missika

Editorial from Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Town Planning, Architecture, "Greater Paris" projects, Economic Development and Attractiveness

A few years ago, the City of Paris made a crucial economical choice: create and lead a new economy for innovation. Our goal was to promote our high-tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem and to place it at the forefront of innovation. It was essential to implement solutions that would help us face the next decades’ environmental and social challenges.

With NUMA, we are proud to implement the DataCity programme in Paris since its first edition in 2015. It reflects the smart and sustainable city we aim to be. Paris produces a large amount of data daily, that we intend to use to experiment new urban solutions and take up the sustainability challenge. Thanks to our open data and open innovation policies, this data is easily available. It allows the creation of ecosystems which bring together local communities, large and small enterprises, startups, and individuals.

The first collaboration with NUMA and our partners arose from our desire to solve problems and to implement innovative solutions. With the second edition of DataCity, we are experimenting particularly impactful solutions and making Paris a more ingenious, smart  and connected city: intelligent street lighting systems, solutions to share facilities and increase occupancy rates, tools to monitor tourism flows and reduce building energy consumption.

Keeping this goal in mind, we are now launching a third season of DataCity in Paris. In addition, Paris, C40 and NUMA will have the pleasure to announce that they are joining forces to address the global challenges that cities are facing and to implement solutions to fight climate change. With this new worldwide programme, data analysis will benefit cities and their citizens globally.


Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Town Planning, Architecture, “Greater Paris” projects, Economic Development and Attractiveness


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