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DataCity Casablanca: Closing ceremony of the #DataCity Casablanca program

Casablanca, July 13th, 2017

Demo Day: Closing ceremony of the #DataCity Casablanca program – 1st edition  13/07/2017


#DataCity Casablanca, the first open innovation program for smart cities in Morocco, ended its first edition with a closing ceremony on 13 July 2017.  Representatives of the city of Casablanca, major firms, startups and Casawi residents were invited to celebrate the results of eight months of collaboration between startups and large firms to build a city for tomorrow. The event was also an opportunity to announce:

  • the organisation of the second edition of the DataCity Casablanca program, details of which will be released soon;
  • the international expansion of DataCity in partnership with the C40 Climate Leadership Group, a network of the world’s biggest cities committed to fighting climate change, chaired by Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. Objective: roll out DataCity in 40 cities around the world by 2019.


The closing ceremony saw more than 200 people attending

A practical and operational showcase for open innovation:


Seven startups selected to participate in the DataCity program worked with NUMA Casablanca and teams from its four partners – RATP Dev, Lafarge Holcim Maroc, inwi and Michelin – on issues such as clean, smart building and mobility, for a period of nearly ten weeks.

Startups and major firms took turns presenting the results of tests and prototypes developed over the course of the program.

Focus – seven tests:

  • Funsulat: Innovative thermal and acoustic insulation materials made from mushrooms
  • Kezakoo: Digital training solutions for applicators working in the construction industry
  • Light Inno: Platform offering real-time monitoring of electricity consumption for service fleet managers
  • Enekio: Tools to measure and analyse energy consumption in buildings
  • Nextronic: Video-assisted driving solution for tram drivers
  • Carpooling solution based on artificial intelligence integrated in existing social media messaging systems
  • E-Park: Parking management solution based on the identification of available parking spots using a network of cameras.


The DataCity program: innovation for cities 


Developed by NUMA Casablanca, the DataCity program has proven that open innovation approaches, based on co-construction and which bring together the municipality of Casablanca, large corportions and startups, enable tangible results in a faster, more effective manner for all stakeholders involved. Major firms benefited from the new perspective, agility and “user-centric” approach of startups and were able to liberate their own creative potential, while startups capitalised on the expertise, connections and infrastructure of large firms and benefited from their professionalism and rigour.

Hakima Fasly, Deputy Mayor for international relation and cooperation

The partnership does encounter difficulties at times: entrepreneurs and executives do not always speak the same language and priorities can differ.   NUMA Casablanca’s role is to help coordinate and facilitate collaboration and bring solutions to market in a faster, more cost-effective manner.                 Given the global, social, economic and environmental challenges facing a changing city like Casablanca, the ability to move fast – in the best possible way – is no longer a luxury.


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