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DataCity is an open innovation program aiming at solving the city issues of tomorrow. DataCity originated from the city of Paris where three years ago, five corporate sponsors and the City of Paris gathered together to imagine solutions to make the city smart, more efficient and sustainable, and enjoyable for its citizen.

DataCity objective is to use data to design solutions tailored for the benefit of tomorrow’s cities. With the support of multiple stakeholders, we set up experimentation fields to allow startups to test their cutting-edge prototypes. Corporates and local authorities benefit from the solutions through new business opportunities, new services or quality improvement.




  • C40 cities

    Mark Watts



    "Any innovations generated through DataCity and implemented in one C40 city could ultimately benefit the 90 other cities across the network and beyond. C40 are excited to work with NUMA and the next generation of startups in cities around the world on this crucial agenda."
  • Fabrice Casciani

    Project Manager Research & Development


    “DataCity was a tremendous opportunity to test our approach on energy communities. Our collaboration with Linc boosted our project, and led us even further on the way of creating new and attractive offers for our customers.”
  • Pranay Kirshen



    "DataCity’s unique acceleration model is a combination of three effective ingredients: i) a constrained scope of application for our startup technology; ii) a confined timeline to force rapid execution; and iii) structured interactions with the key corporate stakeholders. This approach has taken us from initial introduction to promising corporate relationships in a matter of weeks."

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